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  • unimac washer extractors laundry systems

    car wash laundry machines the um202 is the only heavy duty toploading washer extractor in the world constructed from stainless steel. it has long been the industry standard for car wash owners who require an effective wash at an efficient pace.

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    car battery chargers & jump starters diagnostic tools auto repair tools . auto interior . art supplies beading & jewelry crafting die cutting machines sewing fabric scrapbooking supplies artificial plants & flowers knitting & crochet yarn craft furniture & storage. get more out of help. search in

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  • steam car wash machine, steam car wash machine

    steam car wash machine, search for steam car wash machine products, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters

  • samsung recalls 2.8 million washing machines due to

    the top of the washing machines can unexpectedly blow off from the chassis during use, posing a risk of injury from impact, the u.s. consumer product safety commission said in a statement on

  • shop tommy car wash systems tommy car wash systems

    find the best prices and service for automatic car wash equipment, car wash facility designs, and car wash detergents at the tommy car wash shop and store

  • steel wash racks to hydro engineering inc

    industry leaders in pressure washers, equipment and vehicle wash racks, and water filtration systems. car wash water recycling solutions, portable wash bays, and heavy equipment cleaning tools

  • history of invention: a science and technology timeline

    62 ce. hero of alexandria, a greek scientist, pioneers steam power. steam engines. arabic engineer al jazari invents a flushing hand washing machine, one of the ancestors of the modern toilet. toilets: scotsman alexander bain invents a primitive fax machine based on chemical technology. fax machines:

  • wilcomatic

    wilcomatic manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of car wash equipment, from a choice of jet wash systems for forecourt and commercial applications, to a variety of roll over car wash units, ranging from the economic leanus c16e, right the way up to multifunctional high speed quantus and conveyor systems.

  • best of europe criteria washing machines

    since the end of 2013, washing machines with a capacity ≥ 4 kg have to reach energy class a+, a++ or a+++ to be allowed on the eu market (see ecodesign requirements).

  • wheelwash, wheel cleaning equipment

    environmentally friendly wheel cleaning solutions. wheelwash usa has been manufacturing and supplying a range of effective wheel cleaning equipment to prevent dirt and track out from leaving facilities and polluting the roadways for many years.

  • car wash equipment supplier sonny's the carwash

    this is a new era in commercial car washing, where the customer experience feeds your bottom line. to deliver top value, you need new parts, new car wash equipment, better car wash chemistry, superior technology, and more training –

  • freedom waterless car wash

    the freedom auto wash is an easy to use car care product that you can spray on, wipe off the dirt and wipe to dry & shine! clean, polish & protect your car with using a cup of water only, virtually anywhere/ anytime, wet or dry, indoor or outdoor.

  • dolfi: next gen washing device indiegogo

    a hand size device that cleans your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology. check out 'dolfi: next gen washing device' on indiegogo. a hand size device that cleans your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology. a hand size device that cleans your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology.

  • industrial auctions for wood & metalworking

    sale & purchase of used machines for the metalworking and woodworking industries. machinery auctions, workshop closures, appraisals, removals. germany, lübeck/semsdorf, dortmund and further locations download calender event first industrial auctions of used machinery at!

  • ryko car wash equipment, cleaning solutions &

    ryko solutions is the industry's leading full spectrum car wash equipment, cleaning solutions and service supplier in north america.

  • inventa cleantec equipment,cleaning machine

    inventa cleantec private limited and supplier of cleaning equipment, cleaning machine, industrial cleaning equipment, industrial cleaning machine, upholstery cleaner, vacuum cleaner, wet vacuum cleaner, dry vacuum cleaner, scrubbers, leaf picker, sweeping machine, manual sweeping machine, water jet, cold water jet, hot water jet, firefighting machine, coach washing

  • steel wash racks to hydro engineering inc

    hydro engineering, inc. has been supplying water recycling systems for equipment and vehicle washing applications since 1986. we are experts at determining what will work for your application. hydrokleen filtration and recycling equipment is modular.

  • myths of waterless car washing eco touch

    myths of waterless car washing. myths of waterless car washing. myth #1: a waterless car wash will scratch my car's paint. avoiding scratching and marring comes down to technique and common sense. first, make sure you are using quality microfiber towels. my personal preference is to use towels with a minimum weight of 300 gsm

  • mechanical engineering heritage (japan)

    the mechanical engineering heritage (japan) and washing machine produced under technology introduction from thor washing machine of chicago based hurley electric laundry equipment company. prefecture; no. 58: no. 82: gate type car wash machine.