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    tunnel rats were used to first check out and map the tunnels as far as possible, but due to cave ins caused by the rome plows and air strikes, this proved difficult. because of the close proximity of the saigon river, an experiment in flooding the tunnels was initiated.

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    the tunnel rats of the 25th tropic lightning infantry division in the ho bo woods of south vietnam. note: the u.s. army 1st and 25th infantry divisions were the only u.s. units that maintained small formal units of tunnel rats.

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    he was a point man and tunnel rat. he was in country 69 70. he was severely wounded in march of 70. he and all you vietnam vets where my hero's growing up. i served in the marine corps and fought in desert shield and desert storm. any information will be greatly appreciated. i served with 3/22nd, 25th infantry division out of tay ninh

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    operation crimp part of the vietnam war 300px an australian sapper inspects a viet cong tunnel discovered during operation crimp, south vietnam 1966. while the us 25th infantry division would be based in the vicinity of cu chi. known popularly as tunnel rats

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    mech grunt products veteran gear . also see the vietnam mechanized infantry, riverine infantry, 25th infantry division vietnam veteran shirt. vietnam service ribbon tunnel rat bumper sticker.

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    welcome to charlie company website. this site is dedicated to the fine men that served with charlie company 1st battalion, 22nd infantry regiment, 4th infantry division in vietnam from 1966 to 1972.

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    the 51st chemical detachment, 173d engineer company, as well as infantry volunteer "tunnel rat" teams, fearlessly explored the vc tunnels, bringing out large caches of weapons and supplies and vc captives.

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    2nd bde u.s. army tunnel rats aided by members of the vietnamese province reconnaissance unit (pru) have uncovered what 25th div intelligence officials believe to be the main viet cong underground infiltration route through the iron triangle centered 48 kms north northwest of saigon.

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    originally called "tunnel runners" by the 25th infantry originally called "tunnel runners" by the 25th infantry division, and "ferrets" by the australian army, the term "tunnel rat" became the official accepted name during the vietnam war for men who would descend into a pitch black, claustrophobic, dank hell, to play a deadly game of

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    the lives and stories of the servicemen from the u.s. army 1st infantry division are celebrated in the multimedia exhibit "faces of the 1st. " the exhibit on "big red one," an infantry that has

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    we always will be brothers. 1966 1968, cu chi tunnel rats..1 batt, 5th brig., 2nd inf. reg., 25th inf. division vietnam tunnel rats iron triangle north of cu chi

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    journey into darkness and battle at straight edge woods by stephen menendez books in review. stephen (shorty) menendez served in vietnam with charlie company, 3 rd battalion, 22 nd infantry regiment in the 25 th infantry division. he has written two books about his tour of duty.

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    25th infantry division tunnel rats vietnam kamy roadheader tunnel rat patch, 25th infantry war, x rare. 25th infantry divison . tropic lightning tunnel rat vietnam war patch amongst the most revered and feared elements of the allied military in vietnam were the tunnel rats.

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    vietnam tunnel rats. whenever troops would uncover a tunnel, tunnel rats were sent in to kill any hiding enemy soldiers and to plant explosives to destroy the tunnels. a tunnel rat was equipped with only a standard issue .45 caliber pistol, a bayonet and a flashlight, although most tunnel rats were allowed to choose another pistol with which

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    south vietnam,: colt .45 and flashlight in hand, wearing a gas mask, "tunnel rat" sp4 richard winters of 2nd battalion, 27th infantry, 25th infantry division cautiously lowers

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    25th infantry division 20 year old single, caucasian, south vietnam hostile, ground casualty gun, small arms fire body was recovered religion baptist panel 11e line 28. click on image to enlarge ralph was a rifleman and tunnel rat

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    army infantry divisions. tunnel rat tools of the trade metal sign. tunnel rat challenge coin. tunnel rat patch. assigned to the 2nd squadron, 6th cavalry regiment, 25th brigade combat team, 25th infantry division, schofield barracks, hawaii; died nov. 8 in tikrit, iraq, of injuries sustained when his oh 58d helicopter

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    the 25th infantry division initiates operation fort smith (1st brigade) and makiki (2d brigade) in hau nghia province, iii ctz . upptäck idéer om vietnamkriget (cu chi base camp in hau nghia province, home of the tropic lightning division, rvn. tunnel rat vietnam a flashlight and a revolver. that's it. you had to be either crazy or