Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold Process

  • development of an electroless nickel immersion gold

    a new generation of electroless nickel immersion gold process has been developed that is targeted to solve the "black nickel issue". the development involved the understanding of the details of the nanostructure of electroless nickel, the interface between ni and au, ni and solder, and the control of the porosity of the au surface. a suitable increase in phosphorous content in the nickel

  • gold & silver plating

    gold & silver plating. thus being often used as a less expensive alternative to gold. immersion gold. this process is primarily for electric, electronic and wire bonding applications. it plates a thin, gold deposit on electroless nickel. masking is available for plating a specific area, an internal or external thread, as required.

  • plating on ceramics

    other plating services include electroless copper, soft and hard gold, nickel, electroless nickel immersion gold and tin plating and process panel. pattern electroplating services are also available. plating can be done on metals from .005 to .300, with thicknesses of maximum plating through hole of .003 and maximum deep

  • electroless nickel / immersion gold (enig)

    electroless nickel / immersion gold (enig) model: aurotech cnn, aurotech hp, aunic. category: materials and chemicals for pcb / chemicals for pcb / electro less nickel / gold characteristics . aurotech cnn: worldwide most established enig process for mass production of rigid pwbs

  • final finishes co gold nickel

    enig (electroless nickel – immersion gold) the umicore enig process is a market leader, widely accepted for its ease of use and stability as a process, and for the reliability of the enig finish, facilitating excellent

  • quantification of phosphorus content in

    of p content in electroless nickel immersion gold (enig) deposit is necessary. in the field, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (icp aes), x ray photoelectron chemical gold stripping process is fast and simple but it has to be precisely control; otherwise it

  • enig pcb manufacturing, enig pcb services mokopcb

    the process of enepig is the same as that of enig except that electroless palladium plating is added between enp and immersion gold. palladium layer is added to enepig technology as a barrier layer, stopping corrosion of the nickel layer caused by solution in the process of gold deposition and diffusion from nickel layer to gold layer.

  • plating aluminum services advanced plating technologies

    after the zincate process, an electroless nickel strike is employed which fully removes the immersion zinc from the surface of the component to reveal the pristine aluminum surface below. electroless nickel is autocatalytic on aluminum and rapidly deposits on the surface while stripping the zincate to form an extremely adherent and tight bond

  • characterization of parasitic residual deposition on

    read "characterization of parasitic residual deposition on passivation layer in electroless nickel immersion gold process, microelectronics reliability" on deepdyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.

  • selectconnect™ process for metallizing today

    the sequence includes electroless copper plating (100 to 600 micro inches), electroless nickel plating (50 to 100 micro inches), and immersion gold plating (3 to 8 micro inches). the first step in the process is critical: depositing electroless copper on the laser defined pattern or the catalyzed second shot material.

  • surface finishes: electroless plating misumi usa blog

    the electroless plating generally refers to an autocatalytic process where the metal is deposited only on the workpiece surfaces with catalytic actions. this method allows you to deposit a thick layer. copper, and gold platings. electroless nickel plating. nickel phosphorus (2~15%) alloy plating which is a representative of the electroless

  • pcb surface finish:::::: standard pcb :::::: www

    electroless nickel immersion gold (enig) a two layer, gold over nickel, metallic surface finish plated onto the copper base by means of a chemical decomposition process. advantage

  • us7384458b2 electroless gold plating

    the non cyanide electroless gold plating solution according to the invention is a non cyanide electroless gold plating solution free from a cyanide compound, wherein bis (3 sulfopropyl)disulfide is added, as a complexing agent for gold stabilization, to the electroless gold plating solution. according to the process for electroless gold

  • micro plating inc electroless nickel plating boron

    micro plating applies high precision electroless nickel plating to mil c 26074, ams 2404, and is rohs compliant. all coatings fda approved.

  • the effects of multiple zincation process on aluminum

    the effects of multiple zincation process on aluminum bond pad surface for electroless nickel immersion gold deposition. m. k. md arshad, i. ahmad, a. jalar, g. omar and u. hashim the effects of multiple zincation process on aluminum bond pad surface for electroless nickel immersion gold deposition.

  • pcb enepig: the plating process xinjiaye pcb

    electroless nickel/electroless palladium/immersion gold (enepig) is sometimes referred to as the universal finish, because of the versatility of its applications. it is a multifunctional surface finish, applicable to soldering and wire bonding (gold, aluminum, copper and palladium clad copper).

  • pcb fabrication process interconnect usa

    this pcb fabrication process involves a multistep integration of imaging materials, imaging equipment, and processing conditions with the metallization process to reduce the master pattern on a substrate. enig (electroless nickel immersion gold), osp, immersion silver, immersion tin, immersion nickel, hard gold, other final pcb fabrication

  • electroless palladium, immersion gold (epig) tech

    electroless nickel, electroless palladium, immersion gold (enepig) epig nickel free pcb finish is gold wire bondable, solderable, and ideal for hf use. it has opened up a wide, new design avenue for high frequency applications and

  • what does electroless nickel immersion gold mean?

    during the immersion gold step, the gold adheres to the nickel plated areas through molecular exchange, which will protect the nickel until the soldering process. the gold thickness needs to meet certain tolerances to ensure that the nickel

  • itri project on electroless nickel / immersion gold

    since the electroless nickel / immersion gold board finish performs satisfactory most of the time, in most applications, there has to be some areas within the current chemistry process window that is satisfactory.